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How long will my order take?

We want to get your witchy wear to you as soon as possible! You should be set to strut your stuff in your new threads within 1-2 weeks after placing your order. In certain cases, we will have a high volume of orders, or a special-order garment, and will need more time.

How will I know when my order is ready?

For every order, we will send two emails. One e-mail will show the order details and confirm that the order was placed, and the second email will tell you when your order is being shipped or ready for pickup.

Can I have a refund or exchange my product?

We will issue refunds for orders that are defective, e.g. misprints, receiving the wrong color or size, or holes in the garment. If a return or exchange is requested, we will review the request and determine if a refund or exchange will be given. Refund/exchange requests must be made within 30 days of the purchase.

No refunds can be given for mistakes made outside of our control. This includes the customer ordering a wrong size, style, or color. We print the exact number of garments, based on the orders that came in, and we will not have extras. 

Please review your order before you finish checkout to avoid any issues. We will also send an email with details about your order immediately after your order is placed, and if there are any discrepancies in your order at that point, please contact us immediately to make a change.

I'm not sure about sizing. What can I do?

All you need to do is check the sizing guide listed on the item in question and get an accurate measurement of yourself. If for some reason an item shows up that is NOT the size listed on the sizing guide, we will quickly replace it at no cost to you.

I haven't received my order yet, and I noticed that I ordered the wrong size. Can I change it?

Message us immediately and we will certainly do everything we can to get your order changed. However, once the order has been printed, we are unable to make any size changes or give any refunds.

Why did my items come in separate packages?

We want to make sure that your orders get to you as quickly as possible and with the highest quality available. This means that all items are created by the best production facility we can find for the order at hand, so if you place an order for both a dress and a pair of boots, it may serve you best to have the dress produced at location A while the boots are produced at location B, meaning they may show up in separate packages.

How awesome is the weekly newsletter?

SO AWESOME! You can expect to receive seasonal witchy tips on crystals, herbs, nature, and more. We’re all in it to win it together and the newsletter is a chance to see what’s working well for the magical community.

Any questions at all? Hit us up! info@witchcutie.com