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✶Black Tourmaline✶ The Dark Transformer

Black Tourmaline is one of my favorite gemstones!  It looks so strong and impenetrable, which gives us a good indication of its uses.  Black tourmaline is my go-to stone to block negative energies of all kinds.  This includes any type of curse, psychic attack, hexes, jinxes - even psychic vampirism. You name it - black tourmaline has you covered!

What I love about this stone is that it doesn’t just work on negative human energy. Black tourmaline also intercepts the negative effects of physical energies like cell phones and electromagnetic radiation. A great practice is to sleep with a black tourmaline chunk in between you and your cell phone at night.

Black tourmaline has a positive side as well. It helps to clear out negative thoughts that are distracting and debilitating.  This dark beauty cultivates a positive state of mind. This is a highly transformative stone that creates positive vibes out of negative energy!

I often use the Doctrine of Signatures when it comes to analyzing a crystal’s powers and black tourmaline is no exception.  It’s highly reminiscent of a spinal column with its rigid top to bottom structure.  This is a good indication that black tourmaline can be used magically for conditions related to the spinal column or in situations where you really need courage (a “back bone”).

Black tourmaline does contain aluminum so this is not one I use for an elixir or ingestion.  However, this gem can be used in any type of magical working and carried in your pocket, worn as jewelry or incorporated into a crystal grid.

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